The "El Hiblu 3" are facing charges of terrorism for preventing an unlawful pushback. Links and articles with further information:


Some volunteers were partying during the corona lockdown:


The campstrike in Ritsona is still ongoing. The residents protest because different nationalities are prioritized and their application is processed quicker than others. The protesters demand equality in the process. Parwana Amiri is one of the organizers of the protests and talks to us about the current situation.


Links to Parwana Amiri


EU-Turkey "Deal": 5 Years of Shame - Through the eyes of those who experienced it:


Facebook Event, Tuesday, 16 March 2021:




Links for the mentioned Iuventa10 case:

In this episode we will discuss an attempted suicide in the new Moria camp. A mother set herself on fire, after she learned her relocation was postponed. For that, she will now be charged with arson.

The second topic concerns the latest actions of Front-Lex and how it adds to the rising legal pressure on Frontex




In the current episode, we cover the protests in the refugee camp of Ritsona. Refugees demanded equal access to the asylumn processes and it seems like they won!

On a more depressing matter: The Lesvos Legal Centre published a new report on the ongoing pushbacks in Greece. We discuss the report and put it in a wider context. The report can be found here: http://legalcentrelesvos.org/2021/02/01/crimesagainstumanityintheaegean/

Welcome to the first episode of the Moriacast. In this episode, we will discuss the debate around the lead containment in the Mavrovouni camp and what it means for its current residents. A lot of questions are still open and it is likely that a second investigation will be conducted.


Additionally, the SJAC calls the ICC prosecutor to investigate crimes against humanity.


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